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Interface DiscreteAudioTrack

Represents a discrete audio track.


  • DiscreteAudioTrack



Optional _loadRetries

_loadRetries: number

Internal state used to identify the if it is the first the the audio track is trying to load

Optional channelCount

channelCount: number

Specifies how many channels the track contains. Only used by channel control plugin.

Optional id

id: string

Optional label

label: string

Used for visualization in a UI.

Optional nativeElement

nativeElement: HTMLAudioElement

If this is set it means that the track is already enabled and added to the DOM.

Optional offset

offset: number

Specifies the offset of the track relative to the master in seconds.


src: string

Source of the audio track. Also used as identifier.

Optional updateSrc

updateSrc: (track: DiscreteAudioTrack) => Promise<string>

Callback called when the current src fails to request a new one. This can be used to provide a new pre-signed url for example when the current url times out.

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