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Interface AudioScrubSettings

Settings to configure AudioScrubPlugin


  • PlayerSettings
    • AudioScrubSettings




autoRegister: boolean

(default: true) If this setting is true, the channelControl plugin will register the master element of the player and if the discrete audio plugin is enabled it will automatically register all discrete tracks as they are added or removed.

Optional billing

billing: string


frameSoundDuration: number

(default: 60) This setting is used to determine how long duration a track need to be playing to simulate a frame worth of sound.

Optional seekStrategy

seekStrategy: SeekStrategyType

Controls how seeks are executed.


seekTimeout: number

(default: 1000) This settings indicates the max wait time in milliseconds for seeking to the correct position to play the audio scrub sound. If the seek times out the audio scrub will be aborted.

Optional updateSrc

updateSrc: (videoFile: VideoFile) => Promise<string>

Sets a callback function that resolves a new video url when the player encounters an error. The url provided by the callback replaces the current loaded video file url and is reloaded in the player. The main use-case for this is for updating pre-signed urls.


the current video file that failed

Type declaration

    • (videoFile: VideoFile): Promise<string>
    • Parameters

      • videoFile: VideoFile

      Returns Promise<string>

Optional verbose

verbose: boolean