Accurate Player Plugins API


Install with npm. You will need access to our private npm repo.

npm install @accurate-player/accurate-player-core
npm install @accurate-player/accurate-player-progressive
npm install @accurate-player/accurate-player-plugins


For complete example how to get the player running, see accurate-player-demo.

The plugin module contains various plugins that can be registered in the core player.


// Create player
player = new ProgressivePlayer();
// Register plugins
hotkeys = new HotkeyPlugin(player);
pointsPlugin = new PointPlugin(player);

Plugins are registered automatically in the player and can be controlled by keeping a reference to the plugin or by accessing it through the player (player.api.plugin[PointsPlugin.Name]).

Official Plugins

We provide and support a range of plugins to extend the functionality of the player including:

  • AudioScrubPlugin - adds support for audio scrubbing.
  • ChannelControlPlugin - adds support for toggling and rerouting individual audio channels.
  • DiscreteAudioPlugin - adds support for adding external or discrete audio tracks to the player, with built-in synchronization logic between audio and video.
  • HotkeyPlugin - adds support for keyboard-based hotkeys to the player, either using our default hotkeys, or by creating your own, or why not combine them together!
  • ImscSubtitlePlugin - adds support for loading external TTML subtitle files into the player.
  • PointPlugin - adds support for setting frame accurate in- and out points, which can then be used in your application for creating time related metadata.
  • SmoothTimeUpdatePlugin - adds support for more frequent time updates.
  • SubtitlePlugin - adds support for displaying custom subtitles.
  • VttSubtitlePlugin - adds support for adding external VTT subtitle tracks to the player.
  • SccSubtitlePlugin - adds support for adding external SCC subtitle tracks to the player.